Bacalhau Project

Data. Transformed.

Simple, low cost, compute that unlocks an open, collaborative ecosystem.

Why Bacalhau?

Bacalhau seeks to address deep rooted gaps in managing big data that are:

  • Closed by design, difficult to share and collaborate with other organizations.
  • Expensive and slow to process large (multi-PB) datasets.
  • Requires rewriting to move “to the cloud”.

Bacalhau gives developers low cost, decentralized tools that unlock a new collaborative ecosystem

  • Collaborative - all content can be shared using the globally distributed IPFS network
  • Simple and Familiar - use the tools you already know via Docker and WASM runtimes
  • Efficient - the network runs the jobs where the data is already stored

How does it work?

Bacalhau is a network of open compute resources made available to serve any data processing workload.

Bacalhau enables users to run arbitrary docker containers and wasm images against data stored in IPFS. Bacalhau is a peer-to-peer network of nodes where each node participates in executing (computing) jobs submitted to the cluster.

This architecture is referred to as Compute Over Data (or COD). The Portuguese word for salted Cod fish is Bacalhau [bakaˈlyaw].

Submitting Jobs is Easy

curl -sL https://get.bacalhau.org/install.sh | bash

bacalhau docker run ubuntu echo hello

bacalhau list

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