Distributed Compute Over Data

Bacalhau is a platform for fast, cost efficient, and secure computation that enables users to run compute jobs where the data is generated and stored.

With the open-source software Bacalhau, you can streamline your existing workflows without rewriting by running Docker containers and WebAssembly (WASM) images as tasks. This architecture is also referred to as Compute Over Data (or CoD).

The name "Bacalhau" comes from the Portuguese word for cod.

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Designed to be fast.

Bacalhau is designed to make building, orchestrating, and executing distributed workloads easy. Because it supports Docker and WASM, jobs can be onboarded and run without complex configuration and almost no changes to your code base.


Built to be efficient.

Bacalhau can run on nearly any architecture, from the largest VMs and GPUs to low power edge and IoT devices. Furthermore, Bacalhau helps make data processing cost effective by utilizing idle compute capacity, and allows for the processing and reduction of large files and datasets before transport.


Improved Security/Governance

Bacalhau allows you to respect geographic and privacy boundaries - scheduling jobs and moving only the data  you audit and allow. It includes features and tools to ensure sensitive data never need to be moved away from secure storage environments.

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